Acting as project leader and in-house designer, I built and implemented powerhousesc.org, the singular site for Powerhouse Science Center. Using the WordPress platform, I synthesized an outdated main site with low functionality and an underutilized project site into one comprehensive space, supporting both the current center and capital campaign project. In this project, I used data-driven revisions to produce a simple yet effective site with increased functionality.

At Blue Line Arts, I redesigned their digital identity and web presence, creating entirely new marketing content and increasing user interaction.

For my MFA thesis I explored Virtual Museum Incubators for Exhibition Development. It focused on utilizing a web-based platform to create a exhibition development incubator space that improves flexibility in the design process while creating invested partnerships with a twenty-first century audience.

As part of the project I created the following:
  • Developed, designed, coded and prototyped ArtSeek, a mobile gallery game for social engagement 
  • Organized bicoastal virtual collaboration/testing sessions
  • Preformed live testing session at Philly Tech Week
  • Created wireframes for a web-based incubator where this type of project could be conducted in the future

Savage 4 Fitness
(under development)
I coded a site for Savage 4 Fitness, a health and fitness services site. I created all cutsome graphics for the site and am adjusting UX as the development continues.